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How to Get in Touch with the Society

The activities of the Statistical Modelling Society are coordinated and decisions for the Society are made by the Executive Committee (EC). Additionally, the Society has Working Groups (WG) that help with particular activities of the Society.

The Executive Committee currently consists of

Vito Muggeo (Italy)Chair (email:
Arnošt Komárek (Czech Republic)Past Chair
Sabine Schnabel (The Netherlands)Secretary (email:
Ardo van den Hout (England, UK)Treasurer (email:
Carlo Giovanni Camarda (France) Elected member
Jean-Francois Dupuy (France) Elected member
Jochen Einbeck (England, UK) Elected member
Gillian Heller (Australia) Elected member
Helga Wagner (Austria)Elected member
Brian Marx (USA)Representative WG on the Journal
Marco Grzegorczyk (Netherlands)Representative WG for the Workshop
Jochen Einbeck (UK)Representative WG for Communication

The term of offices for the current EC started on January 1, 2017 and will end on December 31, 2018.

Details about election of the members of the EC and the responsibilities of the different officers can be found in the Statutes of the Statistical Modelling Society in Dutch (official) or in English (translation).

If you want to contact all EC members please email to

If you want to contact the journal editors please email to

If you want to get in contact with the current workshop organizer email to


Members of the Working Groups currently are:

Journal: Brian Marx (USA)
Jeff Simonoff (USA)
Arnošt Komárek (Czech Republic)
Workshop: Jean-François Dupuy (France)
Marco Grzegorczyk (The Netherlands)
Simon Wood (UK)
Communication: Jochen Einbeck (UK; webpage)
Gillian Heller (Australia; newsletter)
Kenan Matawie (Australia; local representative for Australia/NZ/East Asia)
Enrico Colosimo (Brazil; local representative for South America)



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