Statistical Modelling Society



Mission and History

The Statistical Modelling Society was founded in June 2003 and it has the following general aims:

  • Promote Statistical Modelling as the general framework for the application of statistical ideas;
  • Promote important developments, extensions, and applications in Statistical Modelling;
  • Bring together statisticians working on Statistical Modelling from various disciplines.

The Statistical Modelling Society was established by a group of enthusiastic statisticians in order to promote statistical modelling in its widest sense. This group had established the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, which still is the key activity of the Society and is organised annually since 1986. This workshop sees frequent returns of previous participants, hence supporting a considerable research network of statisticians interested in statistical modelling.

Statistical Modelling: An International Journal is another activity to further spread the ideas of statistical modelling. The primary aim of the journal is to publish original and high-quality articles that recognize statistical modelling as the general framework for the application of statistical ideas.

Furthermore, the Society supports organizing courses and focused workshops (micro-workshops, tutorials, short courses, etc.) on relevant topics in statistical modelling.

The seat of the Society is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, its official language is English. Here are the Statutes of the Statistical Modelling Society.



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