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Eighteenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Leuven, 2003, Proceedings

Cover Geert Verbeke, Geert Molenberghs, Marc Aerts, Steffen Fieuws (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 18th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Leuven, Belgium, July 7-11, 2003

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Abstracts of Invited Papers

Brookmeyer, R.
Statistical Models for Anthrax Outbreaks
Chatfield, C.
Model Selection, Data Mining and Model Uncertainty
Davidian, M.
Semiparametric Approaches for Inference in Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data
Tsiatis, A.A.
Efficient Estimation of The Mean of A Time-Lagged Variable Subject to Right Censoring
Wynn, H.P.
Computational Algebraic Methods for Discrete Statistical Models

Presented Papers

Aerts, M., Claeskens, G., Hart, J., Moons, E., Wets, G.
Two Lack of Fit Tests for Multiple Logistic Regression
Agostinelli, C., Poli, I.
Evolving Classification and Regression Trees
Al-Tawarah, J., MacKenzie, G.
A non-PH Accelerated Hazard Model for Analyzing Interval Censored Trial Data
Andries, E., Croes, K., De Schepper, L., Molenberghs, G.
Application of General Finite Mixture Models to Reliability Data Using Likelihood Estimation
Blagojevic, M., MacKenzie, G., Ha, I.D.
A Comparison of Non-PH and PH Gamma Frailty Models
Breitner, S., Peters, A., Küchenhoff, H., Ibald-Mulli, A., Wichmann, H.-E.
Association between Air Pollution and Health. Statistical Analysis of a Longitudinal Study with a Binary Outcome
Brewer, M.J., Elston, D.A., Nolan, A.J.
Spatial Mixture Models for Ordinal Responses: Grazing Impacts in Scotland, UK
Carkova, V.
On Stationary GARCH(p,q) Mean Square Stability
Carkovs, V., Pocs, R.
On Price Stochastic Equilibrium
Ceranka, B., Graczyk, M.
On the Estimation of Parameters in the Chemical Balance Weighing Design under the Vovariance Matrix of Errors sigma^2 G
Chan, J., Chau, V.K.K.
Informative Drop-out Model for Longitudinal Binary Data using Bayesian Approach
Chatfield, C.
Model Selection, Data Mining and Model Uncertainty
Claeskens, G., Hjort, N.L.
Frequentist Model Averaging and Model Selection
Abrahantes, J.C., Burzykowski, T.
A Version of the EM Algorithm for Proportional Hazards Model with Random Effects
Currie, I., Durbán, M., Eilers, P.
Using P-splines to Extrapolate Two-dimensional Poisson Data
Cysneiros, F.J. de A., Paula, G.A.
One-Sided Tests in Univariate Elliptical Linear Regression Models
Del Castillo, J., López, A.
Modeling the Volatility of Assets Returns by GIG Distributions
Dhaene, G., Hoorelbeke, D.
The Information Matrix Test with Bootstrap-Based Covariance Matrix Estimation
Dittrich, R., Francis, B., Katzenbeisser, W.
Modelling Repeated Paired Comparisons: An Example from the British Household Panel Study
Eilers, P.H.C.
Mixture Models for Background Estimation
Espinal, A., Satorra, A.
A Two-step Estimator for Censored Linear Models with Measurement Errors on Covariates
Faes, C., Geys, H., Aerts, M., Molenberghs, G.
Hierarchical Modelling Approach for Risk Assessment in Developmental Toxicity Studies
Fei, Y., Pan, J.
Influence Assessments for Longitudinal Data in Linear Mixed Models
Fokianos, K.
Some Further Results on Time Series of Counts
Ganjali, M., Rezaee, M.
Sensitivity Analysis Based on Covariance Structures for Longitudinal Data with Dropout
Geskus, R.B.
Bivariate Marker Development with Censored Values and Informative Dropout
Gluhovsky, I.
Multivariate Modeling of Computer Cache Rates via Regression Model Integration
Gueorguieva, R., Sanacora, G.
A Latent Variable Model for Joint Analysis of Repeatedly Measured Ordinal and Continuous Outcomes
Ha, I.D., Lee, Y., Cho, G.-H.
Multilevel Survival Analysis using Hierarchical Likelihood
Hens, N., Aerts, M., Molenberghs, G., Thijs, H.
The Behavior of the Likelihood Ratio Test for Testing Missingness
Hirsch, I.
Using Non-Parametric Estimators to Model a Monotonic Dose Response Curve and Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
Hudson, I.L., Barnett, A., Keatley, M.R., Ades, P.K.
Investigation into Drivers for Flowering in Eucalypts: Effects of Climate on Flowering
Jagannathan, S.R., Matawie, K.M.
Issues and Trends in Modelling Internet Congestion
Jansen, I., Molenberghs, G.
Modelling Strategies for Longitudinal Data with Missingness
Karlis, D., Meligkotsidou, L.
Model Based Clustering for Multivariate Count Data
Kauermann, G. Brown, D.
Penalised Spline Smoothing in Multivariable Survival Models with Varying Coefficients
Kidd, M.
Calibration of NIR Spectroscopy Instruments: A Comparison of Various Statistical/AI Modelling Techniques
Knuiman, M.W., Divitini, M.L.
Simultaneous Regression modelling of Means and Correlations in Lung Function for Spouses: an Application of the FISHER Software.
Komárek, A., Lesaffre, E., Hilton, J.F.
Accelerated Failure Time Model for Arbitrarily Censored Data with Smoothed Error Distribution
Kugiumtzis, D., Bora-Senta, E.
Gaussian Modelling of Non-Gaussian Time Series
Kuss, O.
Modelling Physicians' Recommendations for Optimal Medical Care by Random Effects Stereotype Regression
Lam, K.F., Cheung, T.L.
A Multiple Imputation Approach to Estimation in a Gamma Frailty Model with Clustered Interval-Censored Data
Lee, Y.
Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
Li, H., Zhong, X.
The Additive Genetic Gamma Frailty Models for Genetic Linkage and Association Analysis
Maas, C., Hox, J.
Multilevel Structural Equation Models: The Limited Information and the Multivariate Multilevel Approach
MacKenzie, G., Ha, I.D., Lee, Y.
Non-PH Multivariate Survival Models Based on the GTDL
MacKenzie, G., Pan, J.
Optimal Model Selection in a Joint Mean-Covariance Space
MacNab, Y., Qiu, Z., Gustafson, P., Dean, C., Lee, S., Ohlsson, A.
Hierarchical Modeling of Health Services Outcome and Resource Use: Issues in Hospital Performance Comparison Studies
Marx, B.D., Eilers, P.H.C.
Smooth Regression Coefficient Surfaces
Mejza, I., Ambrozy, K.
Modelling some Experiments Carried out in Incomplete Split-Block-Plot Designs
Mercatanti, A.
Effect of the Use of Credit Cards on Italian Families' Liquidity: an Empirical Evaluation
Mexia, J.T., Mejza, S.
Variance Free Model of Griffing's Type II Diallel Cross Experiments
Moerbeek, M.
The Consequence of Ignoring a Level of Nesting in Multilevel Analysis
Molenberghs, G., Verbeke, G.
The Use of Score Tests for Inference on Variance Components
Muggeo, V.M.R.
An Efficient Method to Estimate Multiple Mean-Shift Models
Mwalili, S.M., Lesaffre, E., Declerck, D.
Correcting for Inter-observer Variability in a Geographical Oral Health Study
Nelder, J.A.
Extended Likelihood Inference applied to a New Class of Models
Neubauer, G., Hofrichter, J.
Screening for Outliers From a Log-linear Model
Nunes, S., Mexia, J.T., Minder, C.
Bias of Logits in Environmental Impact Studies
O'Kelly, M.
Calculating Estimates of an Effect in Stratified Nonparametric Analysis
Paroli, R., Spezia, L.
Harmonic Markov Switching Autoregressive Models for Bayesian Analysis of Air Pollution
Paula, G.A., Cysneiros, F.J. de A., Galea, M.
Local Influence and Leverage in Elliptical Nonlinear Regression Models
Petkova, E., Tarpey, T., Ogden, T.
Self-consistent Partitioning of Functional Data for Profiling Placebo Responders
Puig, P., Valero, J.
Applications of Some Characterizations for Count Data Distributions
Reale, M.
How to Make a Causal Diagram for Sparse Vector Autoregression
Salgueiro, M.F., Smith, P.W.F., McDonald, J.W.
Power of Single Edge Exclusion in Graphical Log-Linear Models
Schoier, G., Schimek, M.G.
On the Analysis of Web Access Logs: Identifying Dense Clusters
Senko, O.V., Kuznetsova, A.V., Kropotov, D.A.
The Method of Dependencies Description with the Help of Optimal Multistage Partitioning
Shkedy, Z., Torres, F., Burzykowski, T., Molenberghs, G.
A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for the Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Multiple Randomized Clinical Trials
Sofyan, H., Wang, J.
Customer Data Mining with Clustering Technique
Tibaldi, F., Van de Putte, B., Geys, H., Molenberghs, G., Matthijs, K., Vlietinck, R.
Multivariate Plackett-Dale Inference to Study the Inheritance of Longevity in a Belgian Village
Touloumi, G., Samoli, E., Pipikou, M., Le Tertre, A., Katsouyanni, K.
Confounding Factors in Time-series Studies of Air Pollution and Health: Effects of Different Adjustment Methods
Tüchler, R., Frühwirth-Schnatter, S.
Bayesian Parsimonious Estimation of Observed and Unobserved Heterogeneity
Tyler, J.
Use of a Mixed model to Estimate the Number of People who Died Because they had HIV/AIDS
Ugarte, M.D., Militino, A.F., Dean, C.B.
Evaluation of PQL in Disease Mapping
Valenca, D.M., Bolfarine, H.
Testing Homogeneity in Weibull Error in Variables Models
Vandebosch, A., Goetghebeur, E., Van Damme, L.
Structural Accelerated Failure Time versus Proportional Hazards Modelling for the Effects of Observed Exposures on Repeated Events in a Clinical Trial
Welham, S.J., Cullis, B.R., Li, G., Kenward, M.G., Thompson, R.
Modelling Pasture Growth Rates Using L-spline Mixed Models
Whittaker, J.
A Model Based View of Partial Least Squares
Winkens, B., Schouten, H.J.A., Van Breukelen, G.J.P., Berger, M.P.F.
Randomized Clinical Trials with a Pre- and Post-treatment Measure: Repeated Measures or ANCOVA?
Yaroshinsky, A.
Sales Forecast for a Pharmaceutical Product Based on Optimal Allocation of Sales Calls and Product Samples
Yu, P.L.H., Leung, J.H.L.
Wandering Ideal Point Models For Ranking Data: A Bayesian Approach
Zwane, E., Van der Heijden, P.
Partially-overlapping Covariates in Capture-recapture models



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