Statistical Modelling Society



The Statistical Modelling Society was founded with the purpose of promoting and encouraging statistical modelling in its widest sense. We address people working in academia but also individuals outside research who solve applied problems based on data. With an international membership of about 200 individuals, the society offers a professional network of experts in the field.

The major activity of the society is an annual International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, celebrating already its 30th anniversary in 2015. Our workshops are friendly and supportive, and we particularly encourage students to attend and to present, giving them the opportunity to speak to many of the world' experts on statistical modelling.

The society publishes its own journal Statistical Modelling and membership to the society includes a subscription to the journal. We also support initiatives like focused workshops or short courses to promote particular areas of statistical modelling. Our Statistical Modelling Newsletter reports on the recent activities of the society.

We hope that you enjoy to learn more about our activities when browsing our webpages. If you want to join the Statistical Modelling Society please go here.



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