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32nd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Groningen, Netherlands, 2017, Proceedings

Marco Grzegorczyk and Giacomo Ceoldo (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 32nd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. July 3-7, 2017, Groningen, Netherlands.

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Part I: Invited Papers

Nonparametric inference in hidden Markov and related models
Functional data analysis, spatial data analysis and partial differential equations: A fruitful union
Goeman and Solari
Minimal adequate models: Assessing uncertainty in variable selection
Lesaffre et al.
Why bothering about interval censoring?
Baayen et al.
Language comprehension as a multiple label classification problem

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

Stolfi et al
The Multivariate Method of Simulated Quantiles for Portfolio Optimisation
Mariñas et al
Gaussian Process model for evolving 3D lip curves
Behrouzi and Wit
Construction of High-resolution Linkage Maps Using Discrete Graphical Models
Lazarus et al
Inference in complex systems using multi-phase MCMC sampling with gradient matching burn-in
Pohle and Langrock
Pragmatic order selection in hidden Markov models
Núñez-Antón and Cepeda-Cuervo
Spatial Conditional Overdispersed Models: Application to count area data
Ferguson et al
Constructing wildebeest density distributions by spatio-temporal smoothing of ordinal categorical data using GAMs
Venkatasubramaniam et al
Spatio-temporal clustering of traffic networks
Jacobs et al
Bayesian variable selection for identifying the source of food-borne disease outbreaks
Pazira and Wit
Using extended dgLARS to study Diabetes
Staerk and Kateri
Stable Variable Selection with AdaSub
Mayr et al
Boosting distributional regression models for multivariate responses
Groll et al
LASSO-type penalization in the framework of Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape
Stöcker et al
Boosting Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape for Functional Data
Hambuckers et al
Markov-Switching GAMLSS with an Application to Operational Losses
Melo et al
Aggregate Claims Modelling via Dynamic Score Driven Models
Hohberg et al
Enhancing predictive performance of vulnerability to poverty estimates
Möller and Groß
A heteroscedastic probabilistic temperature forecasting model incorporating spread-error correlation and high-resolution forecasts
Gebetsberger et al
Probabilistic temperature post-processing using a skewed response distribution
Simon et al
Boosting multivariate Gaussian models for probabilistic temperature forecasts
Kirch et al
Generalization of the Whittle likelihood for nonparametric spectral density estimation
Signorelli and Wit
Model-based clustering for populations of networks
Snijders et al
Generalized Method of Moments for Estimating the Parameters of Stochastic Actor-oriented Models
Bartolucci et ali
Stochastic block models for social network data: inferential developments
Kamalabad and Grzegorczyk
A sequentially coupled non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian network model with segment-specific coupling strengths
Zahid and Heumann
Multiple imputation for high-dimensional data using sequential penalized regression
Barros Gomes and Russo
REML in nonlinear mixed-effects models with heavy-tailed distributions
Paun et al
Parameter Inference in the Pulmonary Circulation of Mice
Pedeli and Varin
The Pairwise Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Fitting Parameter-Driven Models
Fasola et al
Estimating abrupt change models with covariate-dependent changepoint
Rusá et al
Identifying influential observations in complex Bayesian mediation models
Ventrucci et al
Penalized complexity priors for varying coefficient models
Einbeck et al
Confidence intervals for posterior intercepts, with application to the PIAAC literacy survey
Simone and Tutz
Dealing with response styles in finite mixture models
Sahu et al
Extending the inferential capability of a generalised partial credit model using Bayesian computation: An application to an international disability survey developed by WHO and the World Bank
Schauberger et al
Response Styles in the Partial Credit Model
Manuguerra et al
Semi-parametric ordinal regression models for continuous scales
Vanbelle and Lesaffre
Modeling agreement on continuous recordings in the presence of a binary scale
Wagner and Frühwirth-Schnatter
Bayesian Inference for Mixed Effects Multinomial Logit Models
Agresti and Tarantola
Simple Effect Measures for Interpreting Models for Ordinal Categorical Data
The truth about the effective dimension
Cilluffo et al
Score inference in LASSO regression
Alexander et al
Using chain graph models for structural inference with an application to linguistic data
Wilson and Einbeck
Sample quantiles corresponding to mid p-values for zero--modification tests
Blas et al
Two wrongs make a right: addressing underreporting in binary data from multiple sources
Meira-Machado and Sampaio
Estimation of multivariate distributions for recurrent event data
Burke and MacKenzie
Multi-Parameter Regression and Frailty
Do Ha and Kim
Comparison of Semiparametric Copula and Frailty Models for Clustered Survival Data
Fu and Simonoff
Conditional inference survival trees for nonstandard data
Waldmannm et al
Bayesian Joint Modelling of Distributional Regression
Husken et aln
Incorporating cyclical effects and time-varying covariates in models for single-source capture-recapture data
Giurghita and Husmeier
Statistical modelling of cell movement
Chauvet et al
Regularisation of Generalised Linear Mixed Models with autoregressive random effect
Matawie et al
Optimal Number of Clusters Based on Inter Cluster Elements Mapping
van de Kassteele et al
Nowcasting infectious disease outbreaks using constrained P-spline smoothing
Richter et al
A general statistical framework to study the diversification of species

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

64 further articles
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