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24th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Ithaca, NY, 2009, Proceedings

Cover James G. Booth (Ed.)
Proceedings of the 24th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Ithaca, NY, 20-24 July 2009

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Part I: Invited Papers

B. Caffo et al.
A survey of statistical methods for non-invasive measurement of connectivity in the human brain
R. W. Doerge and K. Kim
Statistical Challenges in Modeling Expression Quantitative Traits
G. Kauermann
Penalized Spline Estimation and Mixed Models - A Flourishing Statistical Partnership
E. Lesaffre and D. Declerck
Statistical Modeling in Oral Health Research

Part II: Contributed Papers

M.A. Amaral-Turkman and K.F. Turkman
Hierarchical space-time model for fire ignition and percentage of land burned by wild fires
H. Bar and E. Schifano
Bayesian Approaches for Random Effects Models in Microarray Analysis
B. Blas Achic, H. Bolfarine, and H. Lachos
Diagnostic on controlled calibration model with replicates on the both variables
A.W. Bowman et al.
Mapping brain activity through spatiotemporal smoothing
R. Caballero, A. Hermoso-Carazo, and J. Linares-Pérez
Least-squares quadratic estimation in uncertain observation systems with different uncertainty probabilities
C. Camarda, P. Eilers, and J. Gampe
Modelling trends in digit preference patterns
D. Chakrabarty
CHASSIS - Nonparametric Bayesian Estimates of Gravitational Potential and Phase Space Density Function
J. Ciera, B. Scarpa, and D. Dunson
Fast Bayesian Functional Data Analysis: Application to basal body temperature data
R. Colombi and S. Giordano
Multi Edge Graphs for Multivariate Markov Chains
D. Costain
Matched case-control data: a Bayesian partition modelling approach to mapping residual spatial variation in disease risk
C. Cunningham and J. Booth
A Bayesian Approach to Analysis of Covariance for Split-Plot Designs
T. Economou et al.
A latent structure model for high river ows
P. Eilers
Deconvolution of Spike Trains Using an L0 Penalty
L. Fabio, G. Paula, and M. de Castro
A generalized random intercept log-gamma-Poisson model
S. Greven and T. Kneib
Marginal and Conditional Akaike Information Criteria in Linear Mixed Models
L. Haines and K. Leask
Exponentially Weighted Poisson Models
B. Hanlon et al.
A Bayesian Approach for Evaluating Drug Efficacy using Fecal Egg Count Data
G. Heller et al.
Randomly stopped sum models: a hydrological application
M. Hodge, J. Brown, and M. Reale
Improving the Calculation of Fix-Rate Bias in Automated Telemetry Systems
S. Huzurbazar and J. Barber
Bayesian Modelling of Grainsize Distributions
N.K. Jajo and K.M. Matawie
Eigenvalues Application in Robust outlier Detection
A. Komárek et al.
Prediction of binary response using multivariate longitudinal profiles: Study on chronic hepatitis B patients
I. Kosmidis
The iterative adjustment of the responses for the reduction of bias in binary regression models
D. Lee and M. Burbán
Nested B-spline bases: an efficient method for spatio-temporal smoothing
D. Lin et al.
Nonparametric Detection of Outliers in Multivariate Data Streams
G. MacKenzie and J. Xu
Space -Time Clustering Revisited
G. Marra and S. Wood
Confidence Intervals for Generalized Additive Model Components
N. Martín and L. Pardo
Fitting DNA sequences through loglinear modeling with linear constraints
E. Martínez-Gómez and G. Babu
A statistical model for the relation between exoplanets and their host stars
T. Mary-Huard, É. Lebarbier and S. Robin
A clustering method for ordered variables to detect up-correlated genomic regions
E. Molanes-López and E. Letón
Empirical likelihood based approach for the inference of the Youden index and associated threshold
G. Neubauer and G. Djuras
A Beta-Poisson Model for Underreporting
G. Neubauer, M. Dvorzak, and H. Wagner
Bayesian Estimation of a Beta-Poisson Model
A. Noufaily and C. Jones
On a Family of Distributions in the Context of Quantile Regression
G. Oskrochi et al.
An Application of the Multivariate Linear Mixed Model to the Analysis of Shoulder Complexity: EMG Measurements in Breast Cancer Patients
H. Park and S. Hong
A test procedure for right censored data under the additive model
C. Pramanik
Computation of Agriculture
P. Puig et al.
Statistical models for retinal image matching
R. Radice and G. Marra
Instrumental Variable Estimation for Generalized Additive Models
R. Rippe et al.
Improved SNP genotyping using model-based calibration
O. Rosen, S. Wood and R. Kohn
Modeling Time Varying Parameter Models Using Mixtures
C. Russo, R. Aoki, and G. Paula
Assessment of variance components in elliptical nonlinear models for correlated data
S. Schnabel and P. Eilers
Non-crossing smooth expectile curves
K. Sellers and G. Shmueli
A Regression Model for Count Data with Observation-Level Dispersion
E. Silva, V. Guerrero and D. Pena
Smoothing two-dimensional mortality rates with a given percentage of smoothness
A. Simpkin et al.
An Additive Penalty Approach to Derivative Estimation of Noisy Data
A. van den Hout and F. Matthews
Investigating smoking behaviour as a risk factor for stroke-free life expectancy
C. Villegas, G. Paula, and V. Leiva
Birnbaum-Saunders random intercept models with censored data
J. Xu and G. MacKenzie
Modelling of covariance structure in constrained marginal models for longitudinal data



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