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Seventeenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Chania, 2002, Proceedings

Cover Mikis Stasinopoulos, Giota Touloumi (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of the 17th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Statistical Modelling in Society. Chania, Crete, July 8-12, 2002

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Invited Papers

Gamerman, D.
A Latent Approach to the Statistical Analysis of Space-Time Data
Hastie, T., Tibshirani, R., Narasimhan,B., Chu, G.
Supervised Learning from Microarray Data
Kenward, M., Feudjo, M., Frost, C.
An Application of the Stochastic EM Algorithm to a Non-homogeneous Markov Chain Model
Laird, N.
Random Effects Analyses of Critical Events in Longitudinal Studies

Contributed papers and posters

Abrahamowicz, M, MacKenzie, T., Leffondrdé, K., du Berger, R., Siemiatycki, J.
Joint Modeling of Time-Dependent and Nonlinear Effects of Continuous Predictors in Survival Analysis, With Application to Reassess The Impact of Past Smoking on The Risk of Lung Cancer in Ex-Smokers
Adèr, H.J., Kuik, D.J., Hoeksma, J., Mellenbergh, G.J.
Methodological aspects of statistical modelling: some new perspectives
Agostinelli, C., Bisaglia, L.
Weighted Likelihood for ARFIMA processes
Akanztiliotou, K., Rigby, R.A., Stasinopolous. D.M.
The R implementation of Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape
Allcroft, D., Glasbey, C.
Spatial disaggregation of rainfall using a latent Gaussian Markov random field
Alonso, A., Geys, H., Kenward, M.G., Molenbergh, G. Vangeneugden, T.
Validation of Surrogate Markers in Multiple Randomized Clinical Trials with Repeated Measurements
Al-Tawarah, Y., MacKenzie G.
A Logistic PH Regression Model for Interval Censored Survival Data
Attygalle, D., Francis B., Scrucca, L.
Model coverage, forward searching and multiple outlier detection
Bani-Mustafa, A., Matawie, K.M.
OLS Information Matrix and Recursive Estimation for LMM
Berger, U., Mutrie, N.
Bayesian Modelling of Physical Activity in Scotland
Bergsma, W.P., Croon, M.
The difficulties in measuring partial association and testing conditional independence
Bhattacharya, D., Levine, R.A.
On Sequential Tests for Autoregressive Time Series with A Unit Root
Borovkova, S., Lopuhaä, R., Nurani, B.
Generalized STAR model with experimental weights
Carkova, V., Gutmanis N.
On Convergence of GARCH(p,q)
Carkovs, J., Pocs, R.
Price Equilibrium Volatility Reserve for Marshall-Samuelson Adaptive Market
Caroni, C., Crowder, M., Kimber, A.
Discrete Frailty Models for Heterogeneity in Lifetime Distributions
Colombi, R., Forcina, A.
Likelihood Inference about Equality and Inequality Constraints in Hierarchical Marginal Models
Crouchley, R., Oskrochi, R., Bradley, S.
Evaluating the impact of missing data in social research: simulations and applications using the BHPS and the NCDS
Dasu, T., Dasgupta, S.
Exploring Massive Time Series Data
Deldossi, L., Paroli, R., Spezia, L.
Markov Switching Autoregressive Models for Air Pollution Analysis
Demétrio, C.G.B., Hinde, J., Afrânio, V.M.C.
Modelling Zero-Inflated Proportion Data
Diniz, C.A.R., Milan, L.
Bayesian Inference of a Linear-Linear Segmented Regression Model
Dossou-Gbt, S.
Fitting functional reduced rank additive model by asymptotic least-squares
Durbán, M., Currie, I., Eilers, P.
Using P-splines to smooth two-dimensional Poisson data
Eide, G.E., Heuch, I., Eagan, T.M.L.
The Scaled Venn Cube for Displaying Attributable Fractions
Eilers, P.H.C., Borgdorff, M.W.
Non-parametric Log-concave Mixtures
Escarela, G.
Modelling Concomitant Competing Risks with Copulas
Evangelou, E., Dafni, U.
An example of Marginal Structural Models and Causal Inference in a Cancer Clinical Trial
Faes, C., Geys, H., Aerts, M., Catalano, P., Molenberghs, G.
Modelling Combined Continuous and Ordinal Outcomes from Developmental Toxicity Studies
Ferreira, E., Gago, M.
Kernel and SNN methods in a multivariate context: An application in Finance
Fieuws, S., Verbeke, G., Spiessens, B.
Joint modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal Profiles
Fonseca, G., Giummolè, F., Ventura, L.
Improving Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Mixed Linear Models
Fried, R., Gather, U., Davies, P.L.
Robust Signal Extraction from Time Series
de Freitas, S.M., Demétrio, C.G.B., Hinde, J.
Overdispersion models for clustered toxicological data in two bioassays
Ganjali, M., Shafie, K.
A transition model for an ordered cluster of mixed continuous and discrete responses with non-monotone missingness
Georgiev, T.
Optimising the Execution of Batch Flotation Test Work to Improve Process Stability
Ghidey, W., Lesaffre, E., Eilers, P., Verbeke, G.
P-spline smoothing for random effects distribution estimation
Gregori, D., Rosato, R., Driussi, M., di Lenarda, A.
An additive regression model for the evaluation of a community-based management strategy for patients with heart failure
Guihenneuc-Jouyaux, C., Richardson, S.
Spatial regression: a flexible Bayesian model for the autocorrelated error structure
Guolo, A., Brazzale, A.R.
Second-Order Likelihood-Based Inference in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
Hens, N., Aerts, M., Molenberghs, G., Thijs, H., Verbeke, G.
Kernel Weighted Influence
Hofrichter, J., Friedl, H., Fuchs, K., Fank, J.
Change-point detection in hydrological runoff processes
van den Hout, A., van der Heijden, P.G.M.
Log-linear Analysis of Randomized Response Data
Hsu, C., Taylor, J.M.G., Murray, S.
Survival Analysis Using Auxiliary Variables via Non-parametric Multiple Imputation
Iachina, M., Jorgensen, B., Christensen, K., Iachine, I.
Analysis of Functional Abilities for Elderly Danish Twins Using GEE Models
Karioti, V., Caroni, C.
Detecting an Outlier in a Set of Time Series
Karlis, D.
Models based on the Normal-Inverse Gaussian Distribution
Katsis, A.
Bayesian Designs for Binomial Experiments
Kazemi, I., Davies, R.B.
The Asymptotic Bias of MLEs for Dynamic Panel Data Models
Kühlmann-Berenzon, S.
A conditional logistic model for the local presence of understory vegetation
Lambert, P., Collett, D.
Shared frailty accelerated failure time models for clustered survival data
La Rocca, M., Perna, C.
A test procedure to select the input variables in neural networks for dependent data
Litvine, I., Litvine, T.
Row Sum Method as a Linear Model for Paired Comparisons
Louzada-Neto, F., Tojeiro, C., Bolfarine, H.
A Bayesian Analysis for Hybrid Hazard Models with Threshold-Stress
MacKenzie, G.
A Logistic Regression Model for Survival Data
Mazzi, S., Theophanous, T.
Assessing risk in the Cyprus Stock Exchange
McMullan, A., Bowman, A., Scott, M.
Non-Linear and Nonparametric Modelling of Seasonal Environmental Data
Mejza, I., Mejza, S.
Line x tester experiments carried out in some partially efficiency balanced block designs
Mejza, S., Mexia, J.T.
Variance free model of line x tester experiments
Mercatanti, A.
Missing at random in randomized experiments with imperfect compliance
Miller, L.C., Ylannoutsos, C., Hughes, M.D.
Diagnostic test validation: optimal designs Student oral presentation
Militino, A.F., Ugarte, M.D., Garca-Reinaldos, L., Eraso, S.
Determining swelling selling market prices using spatial statistics
Molenberghs, G., Buyse, M., Geys, H., Renard, D., Burzykowski, T.
Challenges in the Methodology for the Validation of Surrogate Endpoints in Randomized Trials
Mourad, T.A.M.A.
Statistical Model Used for Assessing Awareness Toward Pesticids and Bio-Monitoring Its Exposure Among Farm Workers in Gaza Strip-Palestine
Muggeo, V.M.R., Vigotti, M.A.
Modelling Trend in Break-Point Estimation: an Assessment of the Heat Tolerance and Temperature Effects in four Italian Cities
Núnez-Antón, V., Zimmerman, D.L.
Parametric Modelling of Longitudinal Data: Model Selection and Goodness of Fit
Neubauer, G.
Models for Additive Response Components
Oliveira, T.A., de Fátima Fontes de Sousa, M.
Some correspondence between Diallel Crosses and BIB Designs
Oman, S.D., Landsman, V., Carmel, Y., Kadmon, R.
Factors Affecting Long-Term Vegetation Change: an Analysis of Binary Spatial Data
Pan, J.
Modelling Mean-Covariance Structures in the Growth Curve Model
Panagiotakos, D.B., Moschona, T., Pitsavos, C.
A Combined Approach to Analyze Categorical Variables using Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Log-linear Models: An application to Epidemiological data
Pantazis, N., Touloumi, G., Babiker, A.
Simultaneous modeling of repeated measurements of two HIV-1 disease progression markers in the presence of informative drop-outs
Pfeifer, C., Strauss, R., Ekdahl, K.
Short time trend analysis of NANB infected counts in Sweden
Reed, W.J., Hughes, B.D.
A model explaining the power-law behaviour in the frequency distribution of family names
Salim, A., Pawitan, Y.
Smoothed Canonical Covariance Analysis for Modelling the Relationship between Two Spatio-Temporal Processes
Samoli, E., Touloumi, G., Zanobetti, A., le Tertre, A., Katsouyanni, K., on behalf of the APHEA-2 group
Investigating the Dose-Response relationship between air pollution and total morality in the APHEA-2 project: A statistical method comparison
Sánchez, I.
Tracking Time-Varying Parameters with Cook's Distance
Schimek, M.G.
Semiparametric health effects evaluation of particulates
Shang, A., Minder, C.E.
Age-period-cohort models for the study of the evolution of smoking prevalence
Siqueira, A.L., Borges, J.M.
Two Stratified Poisson Samples: Comparison of Three Statistical Inference Methods
Sommer, H.M., Hass, U., Thyregod, P.
Generalized linear model with overdispersion - a case study of the toxicological effect of nickel suphate hexahydrate on mortality rate in rats reproducibiliy
Streftaris, G., Gibson, G.J.
Statistical Inference for Stochastic Epidemic Models
Sypsa, V., Touloumi, G., Babiker, A., Hatzakis, A.
Markov models with binary frailty
Thiébaut, R., Jacqumin-Gadda, H., Ghene, G., Commenges, D. for CASCADE collaboration
Bivariate longitudinal study of CD4+ cells count and HIV RNA taking into account informative drop-out and left-censoring of HIV RNA values
Tsionas, E.G.
Stochastic frontier models with inefficiency effects: Some alternative specifications
Tüchler, R., Frühwirt-Schnatter, S., Otter, T.
The Heterogeneity Model and its Special Cases - an Illustrative Comparison
Vassiliou, A.
Applications of Orthogonal Functions and Wavelets to a Combined Graph Theoretic/Andrews Curves Algorithm for Determining the Number of Clusters in a Data Set
Verbeke, G.
The effect of baseline characteristics on inference for longitudinal effects in linear mixed models
Vonta, F., Karagrigoriou, A.
Variable Selection in Semiparametric Frailty Models with Censored Observations
Watier, L, Blondel, B, Lelong, N., Sourel-Cubizolles, M.J., Kaminski, M.
Logistic mixed model and cross-level interactions
Xu, R.
Measuring Predictive Power in Linear Mixed Effects Models
Yu, P.L.H., Lam, K.F., Lo, S.M., Lee, C.F.
Factor Analysis for Ranking Data
Zanabrotti, M.C.
Markov Driven Ordinal Probit Models for the Analysis of Air Pollution Time Series
Zwane, E., van der Heijden, P.
The Multiple-System Estimator in the Presence of Covariates



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