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Sixteenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Odense, 2001, Proceedings

Cover Bjarke Klein, Lars Korsholm (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of the 16th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. New Trends in Statistical Modelling. Odense, Denmark, July 2-6, 2001

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Invited Papers

Barndorff-Nielsen, O.E., Shephard, N.
Realised volatility and estimating stochastic volatility models
Burnett, R., Ma, R., Jerrett, M., Goldberg, M.S., Cakmak, S., Pope, A. III, Krewski, D.
Linking Community Air Pollution to Mortality Using Spatial Random Effects Survival Regressioin Models
Dalgaard, P.
Some trends in computational statistics
Keiding, N.
Event history analysis: overview
Palmgren, J., Ripatti, S.
Fitting exponential family mixed models
Timmer, J., Wagner, M.
Analyzing ion channel time series by hidden Markov models

Contributed papers

Bergsma, W.P., Rudas, T.
Characterization, existence, and uniqueness of maximum likelihood estimates for marginal models for categorical data
Bustami, R., van der Heijden, P., van Houwelingen, H., Engbersen, G.
Point and Interval Estimation of the Population Size Using The Truncated Poisson Regresson Model
Colombi, R.
Markov Driven Logit Models for Ground Ozone analysis
Conversano, C.
Generalized Additive Multi-Mixture Models: Scoring Models and Predictors
Coull, B., Agresti, A.
A Class of Generalized Log-Linear Models with Random Effects
Crouchley, R., Davies, R.B.
Modelling processes with outcome dependence: problems and pitfalls
Currie, I., Durban, M.
Semiparametric models and P-splines
Dalrymple, M.L., Hudson, I.L., Barnett, A.G.
Survival, block bootstrap and mixture methods for detecting change points in discrete time series data with application to SIDS
de Menezes, R.X.
Alternative standard deviations for group and factor effects
Dunn, P.K., Smyth, G.K.
Tweedie Family Densities: Methods of Evaluation
Eilers, P.H.C., Borgdorff, M.W.
Semi-Parametric Models for Digit Preference
Endahl, L.A.
A semiparametric approach to the analysis of longitudinal ordinal data
Erbas, B., Hyndman, R.
Statistical Methodological Issues in Studies of Air Pollution and Respiratory Disease
Ferreira, E., Núñez-Antón, V., Orbe, J.
A partial censored regression model in corporate finance
Fielding, A.
Scaling for Residual Variance Components of Ordered Category Responses in Generalised Linear Mixed Multilevel Models
Fieuws, S., Verbeke, G., Lesaffre, E.
Mixtures of non-linear mixed models for the classification of longitudinal profiles
Fried. R., Gather, U., Imhoff, M.
Online Detection of Trends in Time Series
Ganjali, M.
A model for mixed continuous and discrete responses with possibility of missing responses
Hens, N., Aerts, M., Claeskens, G., Molenberghs, G.
Multiple Nonparametric Bootstrap Imputation
Jansakul, N., Hinde, J.P.
A Score Test for Zero-inflated Negative Binomial Models
Jansen, I., Molenberghs, G., Aerts, M., Thijs, H., van Steen, K.
Analysis of Binary Data from a Psychiatric Study: A Local Influence Approach
Jørgensen, M.
Method Comparison via Single Factor Analysis
Karagrigoriou, A., Petrakkidou, M., Vonta, F.
On the Use of Automatic Variable Selection Criteria in Frailty of Transformation Models
Knudsen, S.J.
Air Pollution Data for Toronto, Canada: A Frail Population State Space Model
Kynn, M.
ELICITOR: A novel interactive graphical approach to eliciting expert opinion for the logistic model with normal priors
MacKenzie, G., Pan, J.
Modelling Marginal Covariance Structures in Linear Mixed Models
Matawie, K.M.
A Mixed Model for Reproducibility
Mazzi, S.
A model selection procedure for state space models
Molenberghs, G., Abad, A.A., Burzykowski, T., Abrahantes, J.C., Geys, H., Renard, D., Shkedy, Z., Tibaldi, F., Buyse, M.
Methodology for the validation of surrogate endpoints in multiple randomized experiments
Opsomer, J.D., Moisen, G.G., Kauermann, G., Kim, J.Y.
Model-assisted estimation of forest resources with generalized additive models
Ouwens, M.J.N.M., Tan, F.E.S., Berger, M.P.F.
On the maximum designs for logistic random effects models with covariates
Reed, W.J., Hughes, B.D.
On biological taxon size distributions
Rigby, B., Stasinopoulos, M.
The GAMLSS project: a flexible approach to statistical modelling
Salgueiro, M.F., McDonald, J.W., Smith, P.W.F.
The Observed Association Structure from Graphical Gaussian Models with a Single Latent Variable
Scurrah, K.J., Hazelton, M.L., Palmer, L.J., Burton, P.R.
Generalised linear mixed models for familial survival data, with application to COAG data
Smyth, G.K., Cox, M., Moss, A.
Censored Regression Trend Analyses for Ambient Water Quality Data
Støvring, H., Vach, W.
Parametric estimation of prevalence and incidence based on the waiting time distribution
Thijs, H., Molenberghs, G., Verbeke, G.
Discussion on Sensitivity Analysis: Current Issues and Possible Solutions
Vach, W.
ML Estimation in Random Intercept GLMMs based on Monte Carlo Integration
van de Wiel, M.A., van Sighem, A.I., de Wolf, F.
A multilevel model for evaluating anti-HIV therapy effect


Adèr, H.J., van Daal, V.H.P.
Neural Network Modelling
Badcock, J., Bailey, T.C., Krzanowski, W.J.
Modelling of Multivariate Process Control Data
Bellio, R., Brazzale, A.R., Ventura, L.
Adjusted Quasi-Profile Likelihoods and Robustness
Brazzale, A.R., Ventura, L.
How Robust is Conditional Inference?
Chabanet, C., Nicklaus, S., Issanchou, S.
A mixed model to handle longitudinal records of food intake
D'Elia, A.
A Multivariate Model for Studying Preference Data
Doray, L.G., Huard, L.
On Some New Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Poisson Distribution
Engel, J., Huele, A.F., Verspagen, S.
On the effect of model uncertainty on robust process optimisation
Faes, C., Geys, H., Aerts, M., Molenberghs, G.
Flexible Quantitative Risk Assessment for Developmental Toxicity Studies
Fonseca, G., Vidoni, P.
Improved prediction limits for a simple threshold bilinear model
Ip, D.Y.K., Lam, K.F.
Penalized Likelihood Estimation for Clustered Grouped Survival Data
Ishak, M.
A Generalized linear model Application to the Incomplete Infant Mortality Data of Indigenous People of Australia
Ivanauskas, F., Jouzapavicius, A.
Statistical modeling of white stork population
Kalamatianou, A.G., McClean, S.
Patterns of Students' Length of Stay in Universities: A Three-Step-Stratified Non-parametric Survivial Model
Kato, B.S., Hoijtink, H.
Asymptotic, Bayesian and Bootstrapped P-Values
Lauridsen, J., Christiansen, T.
Income-related inequalities in health - a sensitivity analysis
Mejza, I.
Modelling series of experiments carried out in incomplete split-plot designs
Mejza. S.
Modelling long-term field experiments carried out in row-column designs
Paiva, D., Kolev, N.
Extended DAR(1) Processes
Pan, J., MacKenzie, G.
Modelling Conditional Covariance Structure in Linear Mixed Models
Rey, W.J.J.
Towards a 100 % multivariate breakdown point and on contamination models
San Martín, E.S.
Disaggregated and contaminated data. The effect on the economic inequality in the spanish case
Sartori, N., Thomaseth, K., Salvan, A.
An analytical sensitivity approach to interfacing toxicokinetic and risk models
Siqueira, A.L., Souza, M.C.F.M.C.
On Exact Power for Dose-Response Studies
Tan, F.E.S., Zeegers, M.P.A.
On the Analysis of Study Specific Odds Ratios in Meta Analysis
Trinca, L.A., Gilmour, S.G.
Fractional Polynomial Models in the Analysis of Data from Response Surface Experiments
Williams, S.M.
Modelling the association between increases in height and adiposity and changes in blood pressure between ages 7 and 18 years



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