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Fourteenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Graz, 1999, Proceedings

Cover Herwig Friedl, Andrea Berghold, Göran Kauermann (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of the 14th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in Graz, Austria, July 19-23, 1999

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Invited Papers

Copas, J.
Overfitting and the Stein Factor
Davison, A.C.
The Bootstrap: A Tutorial
Hart, J.D.
Testing the Fit of Functions in Fully Specified Likelihood Models
le Cessie, S., van Houwelingen, H.C.
Score tests in random effect models: applications to clustering in spatial statistics and goodness-of-fit methods
McCulloch, C.E.
An Introduction to Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Skovgaard, I.M.
Higher order likelihood asymptotics in practice
Smyth, G.K., Verbyla, A.P.
Double Generalized Linear Models: Approximate REML and Diagnostics
Wakefield, J.
Generalized Linear Models in Spatial Epidemiology

Contributed Papers

Abrahamowicz, M., Quantin, C., Moreau, T., Faivre, J.
Modelling Changes in the Predictive Ability of Baseline Measurements of Prognostic Factors in Colon Cancer: Comparison of Statistical Models
Aitkin, M.
Nonparametric maximum likelihood for randomly missing data in regression
Biggeri, L., Bini, M., Grilli, L.
A multilevel discrete-time survival model for the time to get job for a sample of italian graduates
Bock, M.T.
Some issues related to comparisons of nonparametric regression models
Brabec, B.
A Nearest Neighbor Model for Regional Avalanche Forecasting
Bustami, R., Lesaffre, E., Molenberghs, G.
The Use of Smoothing For Testing The Goodness-of-Fit in A Bivariate Generalized Linear Model
Butler, R.W., Paolella, M.S.
On Optimal Autoregressive Testing for Regression Residuals
Carey, V.J.
An approach to heteroskedastic additive modeling
Dang, M.V., Govaert, G.
Clustering of spatial incomplete data using a fuzzy classifying likelihood
Dannegger, F.
Representation of Complex Prediction Rules Using Trees
Denteneer, D.
Heavy versus Random Browsers: Towards a Model for WWW-Usage
Eilers, P.H.C.
Analysis of Variance with Curves: a P-spline Approach
Frühwirth-Schnatter, S., Otter, T.
Conjoint Analysis Using Mixed Effect Models
Gabriel, K.R.
Biplots and their use for modeling
Geskus, R.B.
Methods for doubly censored data, with application to HIV/AIDS cohort studies
Gilchrist, R., Drinkwater, D.
Fitting Tweedie Models to Data with Probability of Zero Responses
Gous, A.
Spherical Subfamily Models
Green, M.
Simultaneous Equation Models
Haines, L.M., Litvine I.N.
A Statistical Analysis of Judgement Matrices in the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Jørgensen, B., Ching, B.
Multivariate Longitudinal Regression for Mixed Responses: The Effect of Betaseron on Multiple Sclerosis
Kastner, C.
Missing values in nested longitudinal studies: A weighted estimating equation approach
Lambert, P.
The stable and the skewed stable distributions for modelling series of data with consecutive extremes
Lang, J., Aspelund, T.
Binormal Association-Marginal Models For ROC Analysis
MacKenzie, G.
Survival Analysis for Longitudinal Data
Martinussen, T., Scheike, T.
Dynamic models for longitudinal data: a marked point process approach
Mayer, J.
Bayesian-type count data models with varying coefficients: Estimation and testing against a parametric alternative
Molenberghs, G., Burzykowski, T., Buyse, M., Renard, D., Geys, H.
The Validation of Surrogate Endpoints in Meta-Analyses of Randomized Experiments
Müller, W.G.
Additional Comments On A Panel Data Analysis: Research and Development Spillover
Núñez-Antón, V., Zimmerman, D.L.
Modelling Nonstationary Longitudinal Data
Opsomer, J., Breidt, F.
The Application of Local Polynomial Regression to Survey Sampling Estimation
Ouwens, M.J.N., Tan, F.E.S., Berger, M.P.F.
Local Influence for Repeated Measures Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Payne, C.
Helping to Win the UK Election With Statistical Models?
Pflüger, R., Gefeller, O.
A New Approach for Selecting the Bandwidth Parameter in Hazard Rate Estimation
Rabe-Hesketh, S., Pickles, A.
Generalised linear, latent and mixed models
Sauerbrei, W.
Using resampling methods to assess problems caused by data-driven model building
Sen, S., Kong, C.T.A.
Confidence intervals for gene location: Model misspecification
Shah, A., Qu, Y.
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Multivariate Longitudinal Data
Shoukri, M.M.
The Effect of Misspecifying the Frailty Distribution on Estimation of Relative Risk
Spencer, N.H.
Combining Modelling Strategies to Analyse Teaching Styles Data
Vaida, F., Fitzgerald, T.
Nonlinear Mixed Models with Censored Observations: Application to HIV-RNA Data
Verbeke, G., Spiessens, B., Lesaffre, E., Brant, L.J.
Conditional linear mixed models
Watier, L., Richardson, S., Green, P.J.
Using Gaussian Mixtures with Unknown Number of Components for Mixed Model Estimation
Yang, S., Pickles, A., Taylor, C.
Multilevel Latent Variable Model for Analysing Two-phase Survey Data
Zucchini, W., MacDonald, I.L.
Illustrations of the Use of Pseudo-Residuals in Assessing the Fit of a Model


Allan, T.F., Holder, R.L., Moayyedi, P., Delaney, B.C.
Modelling the outcome of six diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard
Augustin, T.
Quasi-Likelihood-Based Correction for Measurement Error in Accelerated Failure Time Models
Banuro, F.Y., Lesaffre, E., Lawson, A.B.
A New Spatial Disease Mixture Model
Barr, A., Goodman, S., Langer, A.
Bootstrap methods for selection of variables and for investigation of model stability, and the application of these methods to Cox proportional hazards
Barzi, F., Celant, G., Di Castelnuovo, A., Pesarin, F., Salmaso, L.
Permutation Tests for Repeated Measures when the Number of Measures is Greater than the Number of Observations
Bellio, R., Brazzale, A.R.
Higher-Order Likelihood-Based Inference in Nonlinear Regression
Bergsma, W., Croon, M.
How much precision of parameter estimates can be gained by fitting a true model?
Biggeri, A., Bini, M., Marchi, M., Braga, M.
GEE models for the analysis of agreement
Brambilla, C., Gagliardi, I., Schettini, R.
On the use of a regression model for ordinal scales for content-based image retrieval
Brimacombe, M.
A Functional Data Approach To Repeated Measures Analysis
Capkun, G., Davison, A.
An autoregressive rainfall-runoff transfer model
Colombi, R., Forcina, A.
An instance of generalized log-linear models with inequality constraints: the continuation logit parametrization
D'Elia, A.
A Proposal for Ranks Statistical Modelling
De Martini, D., Telesca, D.
NP-SIZE: a Programme to Compute Power and Sample Size for Nonparametric Tests
Delecroix, M., Hristache, M., Patilea, V.
Bandwidth Choice for M-Estimators in Projection Pursuit and Single-Index Regression
Demetrio, C.G.B., Spyrides-Cunha, M.H., Camargo, L.E.A.
Modelling Mapping of Disease Resistance Genes in Maize Plants
Dietz, E., Böhning, D.
Zero-truncated Poisson regression for interval censored count data
Dreesman, J.
A closer look at Markov Chain Monte Carlo Maximum Likelihood and its Application to Gaussian Markov Random Fields
Durban, M., Hackett, C., Currie, I.
Blocks, Trend and Interference in Field Trials
Escarela, G., Francis, B.
A Frailty Model of Susceptibility with Competing Risks for Reconviction Data
Ferrario, A., Giudici, P.
Graphical Models for Extra-Return Determination
Ferreira, E., Núñez-Antón, V., Rodriguez-Póo, J.
Two stage nonparametric estimation under nonstationary errors
Fielding, A.
Hierarchical Random Effects Models for Ordered Category Responses: Contrasts with Scoring Grades in Educational Progress
Filzmoser, P., Croux, C., Pison, G., Rousseeuw, P.
Robust Estimation in the Factor Analysis Model
Fokianos, K.
A Time Series Model for Truncated Counts
Franklin, J.
Application of a Generalised Linear Model incorporating Measurement Error and Heterogeneity to a Meta-analysis of Published Data for Comparison of Paediatric and Adult Treatment Results in Hodgkin's Disease
Freitas, S.M. de, Demetrio, C.G.B., Hinde, J.P.
Modelling Overdispersion in an Entomopathogenic Fungi Bioassay
Freitas, S.M. de, Ogliari, P.J., Leandro, R.A., Andrade, D.F.
Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Models Applied to Longitudinal Discrete Data in Randomized Block Design
Gago, M., Ferreira, E., Rubio, G.
A semiparametric estimation of liquidity effects on option pricing
Giummole, F., Ventura, L.
Prediction limits for semiparametric scale and location models
Gottard, A.
The analysis of Dynamic Interdependence between Fertility and Female Employment by Graphical Models
Gragert, T., Steigstra, J.C., Engel, J.
Modelling and Computer Experiments
Grzybowski, A.
Simulation analysis of some regression estimators incorporating prior information
Janic-Wroblewka, A.
Data driven smooth tests for a location-scale family
Jo, S.-J.
Individual's Mixed Growth Track Using Multilevel Model
Jurekova, J., Picek, J., Sen, P.K.
Goodness-of-fit tests with nuisance regression and scale and their numerical illustration
Kokonendji, C.C., Truong-van, B.
Alternative approach of ML estimation for the removal method
Konarzewska, I.
Statistical modelling of risk and return on portfolio investments - polish stock exchange market
Litvine, I.N., Litvine, T.E.
Employing Poisson Distribution for Modeling and Forecasting in Soccer
Martino, L.
A multilevel mixed linear model with measurement errors
Mejza, I.
Model building and analysis for series of experiments carried out in incomplete split-block designs
Meyer, R., Millar, R.B.
BUGS for Bayesian state-space modeling
Niemiro, N.
A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Credibility: Modelling Risks as Poisson Intensities
Orbe, S., Ferreira, E., Rodriguez-Póo, J.
Nonparametric estimation of time varying coefficients under seasonality
Orbe-Lizundia, J., Ferreira, E., Núñez-Antón, V.
An Application to a Semiparametric Censored Regression Model
Patterson, R., MacKenzie, G.
Prototype Modelling of Body Surface Maps using Tangent Distance
Petkova, E.
Bias in the treatment effects estimated from double blind clinical trials in which the clinician is un-blinded
Pfeiffer, R., Jeffries, N.
A Mixture Model for the Probability Distribution of Rain Rate
Picek, J.
Nonparametric Tests of Independence with Nuisance Regression
Qu, Y., Shah, A.
A Latent Variable Model for Multivariate Longitudinal Data
Reeves, J., MacKenzie, G.
A Bayesian Latent Profile Model for Longitudinal Data
Ringrose, T.J.
Constrained Multivariate Response Surfaces
Roalfe, A.K., Davis, R.C., Kenkre, J.E., Lancashire, R.J., Marshall, T., Hare, R., Davies, M.K., Hobbs, F.D.R.
Multi-dimensional quality of life measures; modelling techniques to adjust for confounders and differing populations
Rønn, B.B.
Non-Parametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Time-transformed Curves
Rudolfer, S.M., Peers, I.S.
Statistical Modelling of the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Schaedeli, F., Verotta, D.
Mixed Effect Models Characterizing the Non-Linear Dynamics of Viral Load During Long-Term Anti-HIV-1 Therapy
Scherb, H., Weigelt, E.
Spatial-temporal logistic regression of the cesium contamination and the time trends in annual stillbirth proportions on a district level in Bavaria, 1980 to 1993
Schuster, E.
Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Methods for Handling Missing Covariates in Multiple Regression Models
Senko, O.V., Kuznetsova, A.V.
The Use of Partitioning for Analysis of Biomedical Data
Shahtahmasebi, S.
The application of instrumental variables in correcting model mis-specification in the analysis of longitudinal observational data
Shyr, Y.
Statistical Strategies for Modelling the Quasi-Sinusoidality of Time-Qualified Data
Siqueira, A.L.
Comparing Binary Response Models
Skirta, E.A., Weber, E.M., Martin-Hayden, J.M., Ostrovsky, L.A.
Time-Frequency Analysis of Lake Erie Surface Elevations
Smith, A.J., Malik, Z., Nelder, J., Spence, R.
Visualisation Tools for Model Making
Steel, S.J., Louw, N.
Selection Influential Points in a Financial Classification Problem
Tan, F., Ouwens, M., Berger, M.
On the Use of Cook's Distance for Longitudinal Regression Models with Random Effects
Thijs, H., Molenberghs, G., Verbeke, G.
The Milk Protein Trial: Influence Analysis of the Dropout Process
Thompson, M.L., Nelson, K.
Statistical modelling of doubly censored data
Vidoni, P.
Prediction intervals in generalized linear models
Vrijens, B., Goetghebeur, E.
The impact of compliance in population pharmacokinetic (PK)/ pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling
Wagenpfeil, S.
State space models with diffuse starting priors: Application in biometry
Wuethrich-Martone, O., Steyer, R., Nachtigall, C., Suhl, U.
Causality, Confounding and Unbalanced Analysis of Variance
Yano, T., Kosaka, H.
Formulation, Estimation and Forecast of an Energy Model: A Panel Data Analysis of Multi-Countries
Young, P.
The analysis of ordinal longitudinal data using a constant hazard model
Zadkarami, M.
An Examination of the Endogeneity of Delivery (Natural/Assisted) for Perinatal Mortality
Zichova, J.
On a method of estimating parameters in non-negative multivariate autoregressive processes
Ziegler, A., Kastner, C., Mählmann, K., Brunner, D., Blettner, M.
Familial Associations of Lipid Profiles: A Generalised Estimating Equations Approach
Zocchi, S.S., Demetrio, C.G.B.
Planning herbicide dose-response bioassays using bootstrap



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