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Thirteenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, New Orleans, 1998, Proceedings

Cover Brian Marx, Herwig Friedl (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in New Orleans, USA, July 27-31, 1998

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Invited papers

Gotway Carol A., Ujjwala P. Vijapurkar
Prediction of Spatial and Temporal Count Data Using a Latent Process Regression Model
Jacobs Robert A., Fengchun Peng, Martin A. Tanner
Bayesian Inference for Hierarchical Mixtures-of-Experts
Jørgensen Bent, Steffen L. Lauritzen
Multivariate Dispersion Models
Kenward Mike, Ari Verbyla, Brian Cullis, Sue Welham, Emmanuel Lesaffre
Mixed Models, Smoothing Splines and the Analysis of Longitudinal Data
Lauritzen Steffen L.
Generating Mixed Hierarchical Interaction Models by Selection
Marron J.S., P. Chaudhuri
Significance of Features via SiZer
McCullagh Peter
Operators for Homologous Factors
Verbyla Arunas
Applications of the mixed model representation of smoothing splines

Contributed Papers

Atkinson Anthony C., Marco Riani
Regression Diagnostics for Binomial Data from the Forward Search
Beacon Heather J., Simon G. Thompson
The Analysis of Truncated QOL Data Using a Trivariate Normal Mixed Effect Model
Bender Stefan, Ludwig Fahrmeir, Stefan Lang
Semiparametric Bayesian Analysis of Discrete Time Duration Data
Benjamin Michael A., Robert A. Rigby, Mikis D. Stasinopoulos
Modelling Exponential Family Time Series Data
Caputo Angelika
Comments on ML Estimation in Graphical Models with KS Distribution
Chen Cathy W.S.
Subset Threshold Autoregression
Cheng Chi-Lun, Hans Schneeweiss
Note on Two Estimators for the Polynomial Regression with Errors in the Variables
Cheng K.F., H.M. Hsueh
Correcting Bias Due to Misclassification in the Estimation of Logistic Regression Models
Dannegger Felix
Improving Predictions of Tree-Based Models
Dardanoni Valentino, Antonio Forcina
Likelihood Inference for a Class of Stochastic Orderings with Discrete Data
Decarli Adriano, Maura Mezzetti
Modelling Temporal Aspects of Breast Carcinogenesis
Dietz Ekkehart, Dankmar Böhning
On Parameter Estimation in Zero-modified Poisson Regression Models
Durban M., C. Hackett, I. Currie, A. Newton
Analysis of Spatial Trends in Field Trials using Semiparametric Additive Models
Edlich Silke, Göran Kauermann, Gerhard Tutz
Smoothing Ordinal Data by Semiparametric Models
Eilers Paul H.C.
Hazard Smoothing with B-splines
Friedl Herwig, Göran Kauermann
On EM Estimates in Random Effect Models
Gampe Jutta
Trend or Correlation? - Attributing Smoothness in Nonparametric Regression
Ganjali M., R. Crouchley
A Random Effects Model for Longitudinal Ordinal Data with a General Pattern of Missing in the Response
Gieger Christian
Semiparametric Marginal Modeling of Correlated Ordinal Data
Gilchrist Warren
A Construction Kit for Continuous Distributions
Green Mick
Fitting Log-linear Models when only Incomplete Marginal Tables are Known
Higdon David
Estimation of Genetic Effects in the Presence of Spatial Trend and Censoring
Freek Huele A., Jan Engel
Statistics for Robust Product Design
Maier Bernhard, Christian Pfeifer, G.U.H. Seeber
Using the Bootstrap to Compare Two Sampling Designs Used by Forest Ecologists
McBride Sandra, Paul Switzer
Experiments and Models for Indoor Pollutant Concentrations
Meyer Renate, Russell B. Millar
Bayesian Stock Assessment Using a Nonlinear State-Space Model
Molenberghs Geert, Michael G. Kenward, Els J.T. Goetghebeur
Sensitivity Analysis For Incomplete Data: Region of Uncertainty
Nadarajah S.
Statistics for Reservoir Safety
Oskrochi G., R. Crouchley
A Test for Pooling Failure Types in Competing Risk Models
Porcher Raphael , Guy Thomas
Nonparametric Order Determination in Time Series applied to EEG Analysis
Pritscher Lisa
Local Linear Estimation of Correlated Data
Pruscha Helmut
Semiparametric Point Process and Time Series Models for Series of Events
Romaniuk Helena, C. Skinner, P. Cooper
Analysis of Personal Product Diary Data
Rudas Tamas
Minimum Mixture Estimation and Regression Analysis
Simonoff Jeffrey S.
Using an Improved Akaike Information Criterion for Smoothing Parameter Selection and Semiparametric and Additive Model Selection
Soares Lacir J.
Model Building for Multilevel Models
Spencer Neil, Antony Fielding
A Comparison of Modelling Strategies for Value-Added Analyses of Educational Data
Stark Monika
Predictive Value of Survival Models using Deviance Residuals
Vaida Florin, Xiao-Li Meng
A Flexible Gibbs-EM Algorithm for Generalized Linear Mixed Models With Binary Response
Verbeke Geert, Emmanuel Lesaffre, Geert Molenberghs, Herbert Thijs, Michael G. Kenward
Sensitivity Analysis for Informative Dropout: A Local Influence Approach
Wolfinger Russell D.
Towards Practical Application of Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Xekalaki Evdokia, Dimitris Karlis
Conditions for Zero Values of the Likelihood Ratio Test When Testing for a Poisson Mixture


Bell Paul W., Trevor F. Cox
Bootstrap Confidence Regions in Multidimensional Scaling
Bio A.M.F., R. Alkemade, A. Barendregt
Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Dependence in Vegetation Records and Response Models
Chen Qizhi, Paul S.F. Yip
Estimation of Vaccine Efficacy and the Threshold Parameter
Colombi Roberto
Marginal Canonical Association Models with Constrained Scores
Daumer Martin, Christina Bauer, Christian Lederer
Robust Estimates for the Average-Run-Length Function of Threshold Alarms
Englander F., V. Englander, T. Hodson, M. Marpet
Ethical Issues in the Formulation of Models Used to Determine the Benefits of Zero Emission Vehicles in Improving Air Quality
Ho Chih-Chin, Alex Turk
Predicting Reporting Accuracy of Individual Tax Returns: A Trichotomous Choice Model
Hsieh Ping-Hung
Nonparametric Density Estimation with Robust Tail Estimator
Hsu M.M.
Comparison of Multiple Cause Model and Matched Single Cause Model for CUSUM Control Chart
Ishak Maged
Mortality Parameters in Developing Countries: Bayesian Estimates
Lauer Stephan
Interactive Modelling of Categorical Data
Lopatatzidis A., P.J. Green
Nonparametric Growth Charts for Longitudinal Data
Malmgren Tord G. M.
Discriminant Analysis in the H$^0$ Search with DELPHI at LEP
Medeiros Marcelo C., Alvaro Veiga
Non Linear Time Series Analysis with an Hybrid Linear-Neural Model
Millar Russell B., Trevor J. Willis
Summary Results from Estimating the density of Snapper in and around a Marine Reserve using a Log-linear Mixed Effects Model
Nassar Raja, Weizhong Dai
Stochastic Models for Dispersion in a Two-Phase Flow of a Bubble Column Reactor
Panagiotakos D.B., F. Vallianatos
An Attempt of Statistical Evaluation of Time Association between Series of Geophysical Events, using a Non-Parametric Approach
Panaretos John, Stelios Psarakis, Evdokia Xekalaki
On a Distribution arising in the Context of Comparative Model Performance Evaluation Problems
Robledo Carlos W., Monica Balzarini,Julio Di Rienzo
Bootstrap Power Estimation of Tests for Location Shift
Schindler C.
An Adaptive Method Providing Parsimonious Spline Models
Silva Heyder Diniz
Efficiency of the Square Lattice Designs in the Estimation of Variance Components
Skirta Eugenia A., Nickolay A. Khizhiak
Modeling Random Distributions of Dielectric Inclusions in the Mixture Theory for Continuous Dense Media
Song Kai-Sheng
On Compound Exponential Distribution
Thamerus Markus
Nonlinear Regression Models with Heteroscedastic Measurement Errors
Tremmel Lothar
Meta-Analysis to Model The Treatment Effect From Different Studies For an Integrated Summary of Efficacy
Watson Kathleen B., Louise C. Masse
A Monte Carlo Investigation of Parameter Estimation and DIF Detection Using the RCML Approach to the Rasch Item Response Model Student
Wu C.-T., M.L. Gumpertz,D.D. Boos
Generalized Estimation Equations for Spatially Correlated Data with Replication
Xia Yingcun, Howell Tong, W.K. Li
On Extended Partially Linear Single-Index Models
Yang Yonghong (Fred), Norman Draper
The Effects of Model Mis-specifications in Linear Measurement Error Models
Young Philip
A Bayesian Non-Homogeneous Semi-Markov Model for Predicting Heart Failure



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