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Tenth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Innsbruck 1995, Proceedings

Cover G.U.H. Seeber, B.J. Francis, R. Hatzinger, G. Steckel-Berger (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Innsbruck, Austria, 10-14 July, 1995
(Lecture Notes in Statistics, Volume 104)
New York: Springer-Verlag 1995
ISBN 0-387-94565-2
ISBN 3-540-94565-2


Murray Aitkin
NPML estimation of the mixing distribution in general statistical models with unobserved random effects
Anthony C. Atkinson
Some topics in optimum experimental design for generalized linear models
André Berchtold
Autoregressive modelling of Markov chains
A. Biggeri, M. Bini
A case-study on accuracy of cytological diagnosis
R. Blundell, R. Griffith, F. Windmeijer
Dynamics and correlated responses in longitudinal data models
James Booth
Bootstrap methods for generalized linear mixed models with application to small area estimation
R.C.H. Cheng, W.B. Liu
Confidence intervals for threshold parameters
G.P.Y. Clarke, L.M. Haines
Optimal design for models incorporating the Richards function
R.B. Davies, G.R. Oskrochi
Mixed Markov renewal models of social processes
Ekkehart Dietz, Dankmar Böhning
Statistical inference based on a general model of unobserved heterogeneity
R. Dittrich, R. Hatzinger, W. Katzenbeisser
An extended model for paired comparisons
Paul H.C. Eilers
Indirect observations, composite link models and penalized likelihood
Joachim Engel, Alois Kneip
Model estimation in nonlinear regression
C.P. Farrington
Pearson statistics, goodness of fit, and overdispersion in generalized linear models
Robert Gilchrist, George Portides
M-estimation: some remedies
Ulrike Grömping
Subject-specific and population averaged questions for log-linear regression data
Ulrich Helfenstein, Christoph E. Minder
Radon and lung cancer mortality: an example of a Bayesian ecological analysis
A. Keen, B. Engel
IRREML, a tool for fitting a versatile class of mixed models for ordinal data
Jayalakshimi Krishnakumar
Towards a general robust estimation approach for generalised regression models
Michael Maderbacher, Werner G. Müller
Comparing local fitting to other automatic smoothers
Brian D. Marx
Iterative reweighted partial least squares estimation for GLMs
Bart Michiels, Geert Molenberghs
Protective estimation of longitudinal categorical data with nonrandom dropout
Salomon Minkin
Analysis of counts generated by an age-dependent branching process
Geert Molenberghs, Lieven Declerck, Marc Aerts
Quantitative risk assessment for clustered binary data
Timothy E. O'Brien
Optimal design and lack of fit in nonlinear regresson models
M. O'Connell, P. Haaland, S. Hardy, D. Nychka
Nonparametric regression, kriging and process optimization
GH.R. Oskrochi
Frailty in multiplicative intensity models
Joseph G. Pigeon, Joseph F. Heyse
Methods for assessing the adequacy of probability prediction models
Helmut Pruscha
Forecast methods in regression models for categorical time series
K.L.Q. Read
Standard errors, correlations and model analysis
Robert A. Rigby, Mikis D. Stasinopoulos
Mean and dispersion additive models: applications and diagnostics
Ori Rosen, Ayala Cohen
Computational aspects in maximum penalized likelihood estimation
Amrik Shah, David Schoenfeld, Victor De Gruttola
Risk estimation using a surrogate marker measured with error
Karen Steindorf, Jay Lubin
Estimating attributable risks under an arithmetic mixture model
Klaus J. Utikal
A nonparametric method for detecting neural connectivity
A.J. Watkins
On the design of accelerated life testing experiments
Heping Zhang
Splitting criteria in survival trees
Andreas Ziegler
The different parameterizations of the GEE1 and GEE2



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