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Eighth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Leuven 1993, Proceedings

Cover Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in Leuven, Belgium, July 5-9, 1993

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J.K. Lindsey
Repeated measurement models : a survey
R. Crouchley & A. Pickles
Multivariate survival models for repeated and correlatedevents
R. Oskrochi
The analysis of censored correlated observations
M. Aitkin
The choice of distributional model in single and multiple samples using theposterior Bayes factor
D. Fraser
New developments in S-Plus
A. Heyting
Analysis of messy data : basic theory and practical considerations
J. Boularan, L. Ferré & P. Vieu
An additive two stage non parametric model forunbalanced longitudinal data
H. Poirel, M. Chavance, S. Richardon, T. Moreau & M. Busson
Comparisonbetween fixed effects and mixed effects logistic models in multicentre studies
E.P. Liski & T. Nummi
Robustness to missing data under the growth curve model
J.K. Lindsey & P. Lambert
Dynamic generalized linear models and repeatedmeasurements
P. Diggle & M.G. Kenward
Informative dropout in longitudinal data
G. Molenberghs, M.G. Kenward & E. Lesaffre
Marginal modelling of correlatedordinal data subject to nonresponse
D.F. Heitjan
Generalizing "missing at random"
E. Goetghebeur
Cause-specific survival comparisons with no failure type information and age-related competing risks
T. Kurtz, M. Green & B. Francis
Estimating the number of pubs in a village:imputation of censored count variables for areal units using the EM algorithm
J.H. Roger
Fitting mixed linear models using the SAS system
S. Frühwirth-Schnatter
Model diagnostics for normal and non-normal state spacemodels
A. Scagni
An application of graphical chain models to Markov multivariate chains
C. Payne & J. Payne
Testing the tightening bond hypothesis : an application of new models for analysing trends in multiway tables
M. Green
Fitting association models to high-dimensional contingency tables
A. Roverato & J. Whittaker
Graphical Gaussian modelling by means of standarderrors
H. Deckers
Latest developments in the SAS system
J.S. Simonoff
Smoothing categorical data
R. Künstler
Conditional mode smoothing in dynamic robust regression
A. Rigby & M. Stasinopoulos
Smoothing the variance function
P.H.C. Eilers
Estimating shapes with projected curves
A. Forcina & P. Sebastiani
Graphical analysis of conditional independence
M. O'Connell, D. Nychka, G. Gray, D. Martin & P. Haaland
A model for syringegrading based on extracted features from a smoothing spline fit to high dimensional friction data
B.G. Lindsay & M.L. Lesperance
A review of semiparametric mixture models
H. Hoijtink
Mixed effect models : nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of the error term density function
G. Verbeke & E. Lesaffre
A linear mixed model with heterogeneity in the random effects population
D.M. dos Santos, R.B. Davies & B. Francis
Nonparametric hazard versus non-parametric frailty distribution in modelling recurrence of breast cancer
D.M. Berridge
Modelling ordinal recurrent events
G. Fitzgerald
BMDP new system
D. Böhning
A review of reliable maximum likelihood algorithms for semiparametric mixture models
D. Greenhalgh & K. Dietz
Modelling hepatitis A vaccination programmes inBulgaria
A.J. Kutylowski
On some regression methods for ordinal response latent classes analysis
G. Celeux & G. Soromenho
An entropy criterion for assessing the number of clusters in a mixture model
J. Engel
Statistical modelling at robust design
M.P.F. Berger
Optimal designs for nonlinear models with estimated design points
A. Ponce de Leon & W.G. Müller
Discriminating between two binary data models: sequentially designed experiments
B.D. Marx
A unified approach to biased estimation for generalized linear regression
G.U.H. Seeber
Overdispersed exponential regression models
H. Kuechenhoff
Error in variables logistic regression models with a threshold
A. Krause & W. Polasek
Nonlinear censored regression : a computational Bayes approach
O. Barnett & A. Cohen
Assessing the goodness-of-fit of parametric regression models in survival analysis-graphical methods
J. Polzehl
Projection pursuit based discriminant analysis
R. Gilchrist & G. Portides
Resistant fitting in GLIM
C. Vanderhoeft
Fitting a class of composite link models with GLIM
A. Cohen, U. Makov & R. Boneh
Computer intensive methods for inferenceon parameters of complex models - a Bayesian alternative


E. Manfred & G. Rezendes
A placement procedure using regression analysis at the United States Coast Guard Academy
E. Chan & G. Bachman
The analysis of endocrinology data by incorporating the bootstrap and a repeated measures model with structured covariance matrix
N.H. Spencer
Obtaining estimates for lagged multilevel models using instrumental variables
V. Zayats
Non-parametric estimation of the correlation function from the repeated measurements
J.G. Staniswalis
Semiparametric models for multivariate data
E. Chan
How robust is the LISREL model? An evaluation by the bootstrap
E.P. Liski & T. Nummi
Prediction and inverse estimation in repeated measures models
R. Frühwirth
Detecting structural change : Kalman filter versus neural networks
V.L. Koliadin
Detection of cross-correlation between autocorrelated data: some applications of the analysis on pseudoensembles
K.C. Kouakou
EstiSurv, an interactive statistical graphic software for lifetime analysis
D. Koroliuk & L. Accardi
Statistical package VLTSTAT : non-asymptotical analysis of small random samples
B. Grund
On nonparametric mode estimation
R.A.W. van Blokland-Vogelesang
Correlation or covariance matrix in the structured means model: who cares?
V. Granville & J.P. Rasson
Discriminant analysis and density estimation on the finite d-dimensional grid
G. Dhaene
The limit distributions of Wald score vectors and a modified loglikelihood ratio under general conditions
M.B. Malyutov & D.A. Stolyarenko
Multisample polynomial random mixture model
E. Chan, T.D. Cheung, A. Genack, J. Li & A. Lisyansky
An application of survival analysis to photon diffusion tomography
A. Odulaja & L.C. Madubunyi
A probability model for estimating Tsetse population from trap catches
R.M. Griffin, D.J. Leech & A.J. Watkins
On the modelling and analysis of corrupted reliability data
S. Mejza
A note on the modelling of long-term field experiments



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