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Seventh International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Munich 1992, Proceedings

Cover Ludwig Fahrmeir, Brian Francis, Robert Gilchrist, Gerhard Tutz (Eds.)
Advances in GLIM and Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of the GLIM92 Conference and the Seventh International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Munich, 13-17 July, 1992
(Lecture Notes in Statistics, Volume 78)
New York: Springer-Verlag 1992.
ISBN 0-387-87873-9
ISBN 3-540-87873-9


Papers Presented in the GLIM Working Party Session

R. Gilchrist and C. Payne
The new facilities of GLIM4
B. Francis, M. Green and M. Clarke
Model fitting applications in GLIM4
A. Swan and B. Francis
Medical applications in GLIM4

Invited and Contributed Papers

G. Arminger
Residuals and influential points in mean structures estimated with pseudo maximum likelihood methods
D.M. Berridge
Fitting the continuation ratio model using GLIM4
L. Brecht
A new approach for the analysis of multi-episode duration data
R.J. Caroll
Approaches to estimation with errors in predictors
R. Colombi
The frontit model: a stochastic frontier for dichotomic random variables
N. Crichton and J. Hinde
Investigation of an ordered logistic model for consumer debt
C. Czado
On link selection in generalized linear models
E. Dietz
Estimation of heterogeneity - a GLM-approach
P.H.C. Eilers and B.D. Marx
Generalized linear models with P-splines
P.D. England and R.J. Verall
Modelling excess mortality of diabetics: generalized linear models and dynamic estimation
L. Fahrmeir, W. Hennevogl and K. Klemme
Smoothing in dynamic generalized linear models by Gibbs sampling
D. Firth
Bias reduction, the Jeffreys prior and GLIM
S. Frühwirth-Schnatter
Approximate predictive integrals for dynamic generalized linear models
P. Giudici and C. Carota
Symmetric interaction models to study innovation processes in the software industry
A. Göttlein and H. Pruscha
Ordinal time series models with application to forest damage data
J. Hinde
Choosing between non-nested models: a simulation approach
P.G.M. van der Heijden and W. Jansen
A class of models for the simultaneous analysis of square contingency tables
L. Milan and J. Whittaker
Estimation of the parameters of the bilinear association model using the Gibbs sampler
G. Molenberghs and E. Lesaffre
Marginal modelling of correlated ordinal data using an n-way Plackett distribution
W.G. Müller
The evaluation of bank accounts using optimized moving local regression
W. Oberhofer and K. Haagen
Common factor model: stochastic model, data analysis technique or what?
A.C. Ponce de Leon and A.C. Atkinson
The design of experiments to discriminate between two rival generalized linear models
K.L.Q. Read and E.R.S. Issa
A changepoint model for infant survival in the British births survey
A.E. Renshaw
The construction of life and other actuarial graduated tables using GLIM
C. Robertson
Age-period-cohort models: a comparison of methods
G. Ronning and R.C. Jung
Estimation of a first order autoregressive process with Poisson marginals for count data
G.U.H. Seeber
Saddlepoint approximations for generalized linear models: a gentle introduction
R. Winkelmann and K.F. Zimmermann
Robust Poisson regression
S. Mittnik and B. Mizrach
Parametric and seminonparametric analysis of nonlinear time series
W.K. Härdle and B.A. Turlach
Nonparametric approaches to generalized linear models



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