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Sixth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Utrecht 1991, Proceedings

Cover P.G.M. van der Heijden, W. Jansen, B. Francis and G.U.H. Seeber (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. A Selection of Papers from the Sixth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 15-19 July, 1991
Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. 1992.
ISBN 0-444-89399-7


A. Biggeri and M. Braga
An analysis of rates in the presence of extra-variation: Results from different methods for variance component estimation
O. Bunke
Semiparametric modelling and prediction for a variable depending on time and explanatory variables
H. Busse
Estimation of link and variance parameters by the GLIM based program DEEP
C. Capiluppi and A. Azzalini
META plus GLIM, an extended data analysis environment
A. Cerioli
On the analysis of categorical spatial data
N.J. Crichton and T.R.L. Fry
An analysis of the effect of an offender's employment status on the type of sentencing chosen by the magistrate
R.B. Davis
Sample enumeration methods for model interpretation
M.A.J. van Duijn
A mixed model approach to the analysis of count data
L. Fahrmeir and M. Goss
On filtering ans smoothing in dynamic models for categorical longitudinal data
A. Gigli
Bootstrap importance sampling in regression
J.A. Hagenaars
Exemplifying longitudinal loglinear analysis with latent variables
M. Hagnell
An application of regression on a latent variable for time series data
A. Hamerle and M. Moler
On the sensitivity of covariance effect estimates to misspecification in parametric event history models
J. Hendrickx and J. Lammers
Design techniques for equal/unequal main effects and symmetric/assymetric interactions
P. Hougaard, B. Harvald and N.V. Holm
Models for multivariate failure time data, with application to the survival of twins
E.M. Krusinska
Discriminant analysis in graphical and hierarchical interaction models
H. Küchenhoff
Estimation in generalized linear models with covariate measurement error using the the of misspecified models
A.J. Kutylowski
Sequential models for ordinal responde data
N.T. Longford
Logistic regression with random coefficients
R. Mansukhani and K. Moore
Comparison of univariate stochastic models, transfer function and bivariate stochastic models
B.D. Marx, P.H.C. Eilers and E.P. Smith
Ridge likelihood estimation for generalized linear regression
L. Milan and J. Whittaker
Graphics for the RC(M) association models
I.W. Molenaar
Statistical models for educational testing and attitude measurement
J.A. Nelder
Joint modelling of mean and dispersion
A.A. Noura, K.L.Q. Read and M. Stasinopoulos
Parametric proportional odds changepoint models in survival analysis: a case study comparison with proportional hazards
T. Nummi
On model selection under the GMANOVA model
W.L.J. van Putten, W. de Vries and J.W. Gratama
A latent class model for the immunophenotyping of lymphocytes by flow cytometry
R.A. Rigby and D.M. Stasinopoulos
Detecting break points in the hazard function in survival analysis
T. Rudas and H.-G. Leimer
Analysis of contingency tables with known conditional odds ratios or known log-linear parameters
L.K. Thomsen
Poisson regression, overdispersion, and goodness-of-fit statistics
A.J. Watkins and D.J. Leech
On modelling the lifetimes of enhancement equipment



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