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Fourth International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Trento 1989, Proceedings

Cover Decarli, B.J. Francis, R. Gilchrist, G.U.H. Seeber (Eds.)
Statistical Modelling. Proceedings of GLIM89 and the 4th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in Trento, Italy, July 17-21, 1989
(Lecture Notes in Statistics, Volume 57)
New York: Springer-Verlag 1989


Papers Presented in the GLIM Working Party Session

A.V. Swan
M. Clarke, R. Gilchrist, A. Scallan and M. Slater
Functional programming for GLMs
M. Green, B.J. Francis and M. Bradley
GLIM4 - structure and development
P.J. Green
Generalised linear models and some extensions: geometry and algorithms
C.M. O'Brien
The Glimpse system
R.A. Reese
The optional graphics command extension to GLIM 3.77

Invited and Contributed papers

J. Barry, B.J. Francis and R.B. Davies
SABRE: software for the analysis of binary recurrent events
N. Breslow
Score tests in overdispersed GLM's
C. Carraro
A few problems with application of the Kalman-filter
M. Cole and J.W. McDonald
Bootstrap goodness of link testing in generalized linear models
G.M. Cordeiro and C.G.B. Demétrio
Estimation and tests in a quasi-likelihood model with a non-constant dispersion parameter
D. Edwars
Graphical modelling using MIM
P.J. Egger and J.W. McDonald
Beta-geometric modelling of birth intervals using GLIM
J. Engel
Polytomous logistic regression; methods and application
F. Ezzet and J. Whittaker
Models for nested binary and ordinal data
L. Fahrmeir
Extended Kalman-filtering for non-normal longitudinal data
A. Forcina and G.M. Marchetti
Modelling transition probabilities in the analysis of aggregated data
M. Green
Generalisations of the Goodman association model for the analysis of multi-dimensional contingency tables
R. Hatzinger
The Rasch model, some extensions and their relation to the class of generalized linear models
J. Jansen
Threshold models for ordinal data involving stratification
A.J. Kutylowski
Analysis of symmetric cross-classifications
P.J. Laycock and G.F. Gott
Markov modelling for extra-binomial variation in HF (radio) spectral occupancy
B.D. Marx
Ill-conditioned information matrices and the generalized linear model: an asymptotically biased estimation approach
R. Micciolo
Regression models for repeated event data: an application to accident frequencies of railway workers
A. Mineo
The norm-p estimation of location, scale and simple linear regression parameters
S. Minkin
Computing confidence intervals in GLIM
A. Morabito
Log-linear models in genetics
A.E. Renshaw
Modelling run-off data in general insurance
M.S. Ridout
Summarizing the results of fitting generalized linear models to data from designed experiments
A.J. Scallan and S.J.W. Evans
Application of truncated and mixture distributions to comparisons of birthweight
R. Siciliano
Non symmetrical logarithmic analysis for contingency tables
C.J. Skinner
GLM's and coefficient ratios
M. Stasinopoulos and A. Nicholls
Estimation of break point parameters using GLIM
P.G.M. van der Heijden, A. Mooijaart and J. de Leeuw
Latent budget analysis
A. Verbeek
The compactification of generalized linear models/DD>
R.A.J. Wixley
Uses of power transformation in generalized linear modelling
H.P. Wortha
MIVA: an alternative method to generalized linear models

Papers Published in I Quaderni di Statistica e Matematica Applicata alle Scienze Economico-Sociali (Volume XII - n° 1, Gennaio 1990)

James Durbin
Extensions of Kalman modelling to non-Gaussian observations, 3-13
Michael G. Schimek
Non-parametric modelling of trend curves when the errors are autocorrelated, 13-20
Paul H.C. Eilers
Smoothing and interplation with generalized linear models, 21-31
J.S. Fenlon
The analysis of dose mortality assay data when dose is measured with error, 33-37
Ewa Maria Krusinska
On developments in multiple Lp-logistic discrimination with applications, 39-46
Gabriele Stoppa
A new generating system of income distribution models, 47-55
Marly E.P. Odekerken-Smeets, M. van Duijn, J.C. Akkerboom
Modelling survey duration data of capital goods, 57-63
J.T. Barry, S. Walby, B.J. Francis
Graphical exploration of work history data, 65-74
Junwei Jiang, Richard F. Hartl, Andreas Wörgötter
Macroeconomic modelling for a small open economy, 75-82
Lars Krosgaard Thomsen
Generalized linear modelling and road safety research in Denmark, 83-89



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